What people say about us

Immense gratitude ... extraordinary abilities to recognize our daughter’s potential… We wish
you the best and would highly recommend your services to anyone! Thank you!
--Albert, Amherst parent

Options for College ... worked tirelessly to provide us with an effective plan of action. I’m currently
a senior at an Ivy-League institution
. I would not be here without Options for College.
--Zack, Dartmouth student

...the most fulfilling part of the experience was being able to open my acceptance letter into the college of my choice. In the end all of my hard work, and your helpful advice and leadership paid off.
-- Student in MA

Changed lives and created community ... I would be happy to share our experience with others
and recommend Options for College for its methodology, practices, and compassion.
--Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

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Helping students get into and get the most out of college.

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Did you know that Mount Holyoke College has an intersession in January when students can take extra classes?

Did you know that Williams College employs a 4-1-4 student schedule?

Did you know that you might be surprised by your PSAT scores?


OFC's Three-Phase Approach

1. Collection

Who you are and who you want to be. This stage includes outreach, resume writing and interview prep.

2. Selection

Select colleges and universities that will help you reach your academic/professional aspirations, that match your strengths, and give you a community in which you can best grow. We make sure you love where you are going.

3. Application

Going through every essay and form, adhering to the standard of the best application possible.

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